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With more than 200 media brands across news, lifestyle, entertainment, property, and sports, the DAILY AMERICA NEWS offers a professional, highly-powerful advertisement environment that enjoys a very high viewership and is brand-safe and transparent. We partner with top-class partners including America TV, Times of America, NewsPRwire, USA TV News, and more in our quest to provide consumers with rich content and advertisers with effective solutions.

Every month we reach to millions of consumers through various channels, like online, mobile, tablet devices, etc. We impact the decision-making of our millions of viewers, who in turn impact millions more. Our subscribers are not only productive but also goal oriented. They are exceptionally well-informed, optimistic, and active. They make other people turn toward them for recommendations, advice, and opinions. These individuals are also active on social media, and can effectively advertise your brand and improve your bottom line. Whether it is entertainment, money, sports, or news, we can help you boost your conversion rate on different platforms. We know how to put your brand in front of your audience.

Want to publish Press Release for your company/brand? Now you can do that for $20.

To advertise your brand or product on all our media websites, get in touch with Simi (Director Marketing) at [email protected].

Photo Banner Ads

All our banner ads click through to the advertiser’s page in a new browser. You can select from a wide range of interactive and static banners. These banners will get placed at important positions throughout our website, DAILYAMERICANEWS.COM.

Standard Leaderboard Ad

Dimensions: 728 pixels (w) by 250 pixels (h)

The cost for this Photo Ad is $100 for 7 days.

Standard Interactive Marketing Unit

Dimensions: 300 pixels (w) by 250 pixels (h)

The cost for this Photo Ad is $100 for 7 days.

Standard Video Banner Ads

Dimensions: 300 pixels (w) by 250 pixels (h)

The cost for Video Ad (up to 2 Min) is $100 for 7 days.

Newsletter Banners

Want to reach out to a highly-engaged targeted audience? Consider placing banners strategically on our daily newsletter, Monday through Saturday.

728 (w) x 90 (h)

This Newsletter Banners Ad cost is $500 for 100,000 newsletters for 1 time per week.

300 (w) x 250 (h)

This Newsletter Banners Ad cost is $500 for 100,000 newsletters for 1 time per week.

970 (w) x 250 (h)

This Newsletter Banners Ad cost is $1000 for 100,000 newsletters for 1 time per week.

General Guidelines & Requirements

  • All Flex Frames are created by DAILY AMERICA NEWS with client-supplied materials unless specified and agreed elsewhere.
  • All units need to be built in HTML5, JPG or GIF. Flash is no longer supported by DAILY AMERICA NEWS.
  • All 3rd party tags (creative serving and tracking-only) and accompanying technologies being served by the tags must be SSL (https) and Safeframe Compliant.
  • All sound in ads must be click-initiated.
  • All locally served ads require a GIF/JPG and click-through URL.
  • All ads with a white background require a black border.
  • Maximum of 1 code change per week, unless otherwise specified.
  • Maximum of 2 individual creatives in rotation at one time, unless otherwise specified for a particular placement.
  • Tags should be sent as .txt or in a spreadsheet document. Do not supply tags in .rtf or in the body of an email.
  • You must notify us if you plan to use a 4th party tag to track a 3rd party served ad.
  • Submit all 3rd party creative tags to your Ad Manager and  [email protected]5 days prior to the ad campaign launch for static creative, and 7 days prior for rich media.
  • All assets must be delivered 7 business days in advance.
  • FlexXL formats with full-bleed video must be user-initiated click-to-play.


  • DAILY AMERICA NEWS does not permit overlay or pushdown/expandable formats.
  • If a tag doesn’t conform to our performance or reliability standards, we reserve the right to pause or stop the campaign.
  • Ads payment will be a hundred percent advance and it’s non-refundable.
  • Flash content and Flash fallback (SWFs and FLVs) are not accepted.


  • Objects on users’ computers or technology devices.
  • Redirects (only direct requests can be made).
  • Flash cookies, HTML5 storage, or any form of Locally Stored.
  • DAILY AMERICA NEWS has the right to stop any ads if that ad violates our policies or is harmful to society in any way.