Code of Ethics

DAILY AMERICA NEWS follows the following codes of ethics in pursuance of its mission and vision.

  1. Always follow the journalistic values of courage, fairness, honesty, balance, diversity, credibility, and independence.
  2. Endeavor to report the truth as we see it through our news bulletins and other programs.
  3. Treat the audience with respect. Address every story or issue with the attention it deserves. Present facts accurately, without fear or favor. Report stories with empathy and give complete consideration to victims of war, crime, disaster, and persecution.
  4. Welcome honest and fair media competition.
  5. Acknowledge mistakes when they happen and correct them promptly and do our best to not repeat them ever again.
  6. Observe transparency while broadcasting the news and follow internationally established processes.
  7. Distinguish between opinion, analysis, and news material to stay away from the snares of propaganda and speculation
  8. Stand by the side of our colleagues and offer them support when needed. Give full cooperation to international journalistic teams/unions and do our utmost best to defend press freedom.